• How It Works

    Express QA, Bug Reproduction, Local AppStore Availabilities... our team will help you reach maximum quality in a short period of time.


    Project Launch

    You create your campaign

    You send a request (with testing needs, specifications) and launch your project.


    Test Execution

    Our team sends out your request

    We notify our global team of your request and your deadline.


    Bug List & KPIs

    You access your test results

    We organize your bugs and generate testing KPIs. You access all your data online with a

    provided Bugtracker.

    Exchange with testers

    in private channel

    You can tchat with testers working on your project, answer their questions, asking feedbacks,...

  • Exploratory Testing

    Our testers make Express or Advanced exploratory testing of our apps or website to find a maximum of bugs

    New Feature

    Our testers check your lastest feature on various devices and make regression testing

    Content Localisation Testing

    We ask our crowd to verify your content in various languages and availability in different countries

    App Store Availability

    We confirm your application availability on different application store, depending on countries

    In-App Payment

    Payment is always critial ! Our testers verify from targeted countries if the are able to pay

    Testers Feedback

    We ask our tester what they thought about your service and how improve it

    Wide Portability

    We download your apps or access your website from a large number of device and report crashs or failure

  • Vanity Metrics ;-)

    3 000+

    Different Devices

    75 852

    Bugs Reported in 2017


    Countries Covered

  • Online Bugtracker

    Access & Manage your Testing Data Online


    Read, Download & Export


    You can easily export your bug list to an external bugtracker/tool

    such as: Excel, JIRA, Redmine.


    For specific needs, contact us using the form below.



    MyTestingLab is a FULL testing solution that helps brands and developers improve the quality of their apps and websites. Our objective is to provide the best testing services in the most efficient way possible.

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    Manu, CEO

    "With MyTestingLab, we did exploratory testing of our latest version. They sent us bugs and feedback within a few hours."

    Liz, Mobile Application Manager

    "MyTestingLab is an smart way to calm your nerves before launching a new release."

    Guillaume, Project Director

    "For us, quality is not negotiable, and MyTestingLab helped us reach this objective."

    Matthieu, CEO

    "With MyTestingLab, we found 20 obstructive bugs in one of our video games within 6 hours. It was a really cost effective approach."

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