Frequently asked questions

Mytestinglab is an on-demand testing platform where you can ask ISTQB certified testers to complete testing tasks regarding your mobile app and/or your website. Mytestinglab allows you to test your service on +2000 devices and OS versions.
It’s the easiest and the quickest way to get a feedback when you can’t test yourself (your task solved in less than 24h).

At Mytestinglab, we run functional tests exclusively : navigation, location, functionalities, performance etc. We don’t run usability and security tests.

A testing task is an identified request for our testers. It can be to check the compatibility of your mobile app on the new OS (like for iOS9 expected in September) or a new phone. It can also be a new functionality you are launching or to check some bad feedbacks you gathered on survey or mobile our professional testers will dig exactly where they know bugs are. Find here some common tasks.

When creating a new task you will need to give very simple information :

1. select the testing environment : Is it on mobile / desktop ? Which phone/computer ? Which version of OS ?
2. describe the request : what exactly do you want the tester to check ?
3. provide the url of the service

You need to be logged in to create your task, sign up here

Important : if the tester needs to pay to download your app, please provide a voucher in the description of the request. If the tester needs to login in, please provide some user ID.

We have a large library of mobile phones, computers and tablets, we combine with a large variety of OS including the upcoming ones that allows you to get feedbacks from more than 2000 different devices. While creating a task, you will be able to select the combination you want to test.

The testers are Mytestinglab employees based in France and Canada.
They are all ISTQB certified testers (see ISTQB certification program : ).

Because we believe the best way to appreciate the quality of our service is to try it, we offer you 3 testing tasks. No credit card details are asked to use these tasks and there is no obligation to buy some to get advantage of the first free ones. If you are happy with the first tasks, you can buy some extra at the cost of 20$ each.

All our tests are run by Mytestinglab employees. We do not subcontract your request. Furthermore, our engagement is to keep your request and the results confidential. If needed, we can sign a NDA. In this case, please contact us by chat or email :

Everywhere on our website, you will see this icon and text on the right hand side at the bottom of the page. Click on it and a chat dialog box will open. The team will received an instant notification to answer your message. You can also contact us by email at :